Magic in the City
Magic in the City cover
Canadian brothers Jake and Simon Grubb aren't happy about having to move to London, England. But when they meet a magician who gives them three magic objects, they hatch a plan to get themselves home again.

  • 'A satisfying, old-fashioned-feeling magical adventure.' KIRKUS REVIEWS

The Flying Bedroom
Elinor's bedroom looks ordinary - but it's not. It takes her to visit pirates, a faraway island, the theatre, the moon... Elinor never knows where her bedroom will take her next.

  • Bestselling children’s book for the Welsh Books Council, summer 2014 

The Girl with the Broken Wing  
Hilary crash-lands on the roof of twins James and Amanda one stormy night. Amanda thinks she's an angel, but James disagrees. Angels don't have dirty feet or snore, he says.

'Good books for this age group are often hard to find, but this has been a particularly good year in which the best of the bunch is The Girl with the Broken Wing by Heather Dyer.' DAILY MAIL

  • Richard and Judy’s Best Children’s Book Ever nomination, 2007
  • Best International Book by the US Board on Books for Children and Young People, 2006

The Fish in Room 11 
Eliza Flot is not your typical mermaid - she has stringy hair and a chipped front tooth.

'A quirky, charming book, funny and imaginative.'
'A little classic.'

  • The Highland Book Awards, winner, 2004
  • Starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, 2005

The Boy in the Biscuit Tin
(US tile Ibby’s Magic Weekend)
Three children find a magic set that does real magic - with embarrassing consequences. 

"Crisp language, fully formed characters, and a swiftly moving plot make the book fly. The children's relationships with one another ring true, particularly between the brothers." BOOKLIST

  • Galaxy Best British Children’s Book Award nomination, 2008

Tina and the Penguin (picture book) Kids Can Press,  Illustrated by Mireille Levert
When a penguin follows Tina after a class trip to the zoo, she dresses him in her pink coat and beret and takes him home on the bus.

  • Recommended Book, The National (US) Association for Humane and Environmental Education, 2003