Editorial Services

“Get your work read because you can’t see yourself dance.”

- Kathy Lowinger 

Why was my story rejected?
One reason new writers have their books rejected is because their writing style is too sophisticated for the content, or the story is too long or complex for their target readership. To give your story the best chance of publication, the subject matter needs to match the writing level for that particular age category.

reading ageConsultancy Reports
It can be difficult finding someone who can give you honest, constructive criticism that also takes into account current market trends and the conventions of the submission process. I have 15 years’ experience in writing consultancy reports, publishing my own writing, and teaching creative writing. I can give you in-depth, honest advice about:

Whether your writing style is pitched correctly for your intended readership and, if not, how to fine-tune it.

  • Whether your storyline is sophisticated enough - or too sophisticated - for your intended readers.
  • Whether your plot and characters are sufficiently developed and how you might develop them further.
  • How to identify potential publishers.
  • How to present your manuscript professionally to publishers or agents.
  • How to make the most of your particular strengths.
  • How to address potential weakness in style and/or plot.

Be prepared for some 'constructively critical' advice, which may suggest some rewriting and/or reshaping.

"I am really pleased with the report. It has helped me see the gaps and at the same time feels very supportive and positive. It's very good, a big thank you."  FM

"Thanks for the report which is extremely helpful. I will be updating my manuscript based on the advice given before sending to publishers." PL

"A wonderful report, very thorough and plenty of fantastically useful advice here, line by line as well as market-wise." AS

"I really appreciate the feedback and shall be following your recommendations. Your report is invaluable and I am truly grateful." MJ

"Thank you very much for your feedback - for your kind comments and your helpful remarks." KO

"Thank you for your earlier comments and feedback. I have found it very interesting to try to examine what I write and how I write it, with a view to improving my writing." NM

"...truly inspirational... The feedback that she supplies is some of the most helpful that I have ever received." MH

"Encouraging and helpful with very specific suggestions." JD

What I Can’t Do
I can’t line-edit your work for you, nor correct every typo and spelling error – but I will point out any consistent grammatical or punctuation irregularities. Only when you're satisfied that you’ve developed your storyline and polished your writing as much as you’re able, should you consider asking someone to line-edit or proofread your work for you.

Turnaround Time
You will receive your in-depth report (at least 10 pages long) within three weeks of receipt of payment. 

Note that prices are likely to be less than those of larger agencies because you're dealing directly with the writer. Reports are no less comprehensive. 

Picture books
0-1,500 words

2 books £120.00
Add more books on a sliding scale, to be agreed.

Early Readers/Series Reads
1,500 - 4,000 words

4,000 - 9,000 words




Middle-Grade/General Fiction


9-20,000 words 


20-40,000 words



Sliding scale, to be agreed.

Payment can be made through PayPal or by cheque. Prices are shown in GBP; standard conversion rates apply for payments made from other currencies.

For further information, at no obligation contact Heather at: heatherdyerbooks@gmail.com